The Typhoon

The Typhoon

The Typhoon

The Typhoon Vichy Shower is an excellent way to offer the maximum Vichy Shower experience with utilizing seven shower-heads. The guest will be completely relaxed and invigorated with the ward effect of the Vichy experience.

The design of the Typhoon allows the technician to swivel the shower arm out of the way or may choose to use it to enhance the experience for the Vichy guest. With features such as seven self-cleaning shower heads, the most accurate thermostatic mixing valve available, and durable stainless steel construction, the Typhoon will provide years of trouble free service with a timeless, elegant design.

Price: $7,495.00
Shipping Weights & Dims

Shower Box:
Weight:   88lbs
Size:   28x24x15
Class:   110
Crating & Handling:   $125

Shower Arm:
Weight:   38lbs
Size:   85x24x6
Class:   77.5
Typical Layout

The Typhoon

Additional Information:

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