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Product: Electric/Hydrolic (8)  
Vendor: Garfield (4)   Living Earth Crafts (3)   Touch America (1)  
SoHo-All-In-One Chair 

The comfort of a well-built treatment and procedure chair married to a fully reclining massage table. The Soho All-In-One™ Chair is perfect for pedicures, manicures, facials, massage, waxing, dermatological and medical procedures, and more. This fully reclining treatment chair has programmable controls, and a 625-lb (283.495 kg) lift capacity. Sleek styling, eye-catching acrylic skins, and an ultra-luxurious cushioning and upholstery system complete this stunning design.

Item No:  LEC-SoHo 
Manufacturer:  Living Earth Crafts 
MSRP:  $7295.00 

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Nuage Spa and Salon Table 

The groundbreaking Nuage line features LEC’s proprietary Electra-Glide™ lift actuators, the quietest, smoothest, all-electric lifting actuators

Item No:  LEC-NUA 
Manufacturer:  Living Earth Crafts 
MSRP:  $5395.00 

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Pro Salon - Classic 

Beautifully handcrafted with the finest materials, a smooth and quiet hydraulic system, articulation at the push of a button, and a functional maple cabinet base, the Pro Salon multi-purpose spa table has been the industry standard for more than a decade.

Item No:  LEC-SPS-CL 
Manufacturer:  Living Earth Crafts 
MSRP:  $4995.00 

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Newport Electric Facial Table 

Treatment table with electrical motors and remote control.

Electric-hydraulic treatment chair with three actuators that synchronize cushion movements. Base cover hides unsightly frame and parts.

  • 3-actuators sync cushion movements with minimal vibration
  • Extendable headrest and foot cushion
  • Swing-away arms allow for easy mounting and dismounting
  • Hands-free foot switches easily controls positioning
  • Heavy gauge welded metal, powder coated frame
  • Max load: 500lbs
  • 1-Yr Limited Warranty
Item No:  3991 
Manufacturer:  Garfield 
MSRP:  $3650.00 

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Redondo Electrical Table 

Electrical lift treatment table with manually adjustable back and leg cushions.  Segmented cushions are ergonomically designed for comfort and versatility.

  • Reinforced rounded cushion corners
  • Headrest included
  • Single 110V motor with foot switch allows for hands free operation
  • Heavy gauge welded metal, powder coated frame
  • Max load: 500lbs
  • 1-Yr Limited Warranty


Item No:  3980 
Manufacturer:  Garfield 
MSRP:  $3400.00 

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Empress Spa Treatment Chair 

Ideal for smaller rooms in medical spas or salons, the Empress is perfect for medi-spa treatments, facials and pedicures (not recommended for massage).The petite Empress Spa Treatment Chair/Table is ideal for medical spas and for facials or pedicures where space is limited. The innovative tilt mechanism incorporated in the pedestal design allows for incline therapy. Add accessories to extend the table length. Shown with optional accessories

Optional accessories are available for purchase at additional cost.

Item No:  13365 
Manufacturer:  Touch America 
MSRP:  $2995.00 

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Malibu Treatment Table 

Designed specifically for spas, medi-spas, and resorts the Malibu treatment table with E-assist lift offers functionality and style. Electric pedestal lift system provide smooth and whisper-quiet height adjustments at the touch of a button.  Electric & gaslift-assisted controls allow technicians endless positioning for seated clients. Legrest may be adjusted independently.

  • eAssist lift is quiet and effortless.
  • Remote Control
  • 3-1/2” Deluxe Cushioning
  • Concealed Base
  • Recommended Max Capacity: 500lbs.
Item No:  3965 
Manufacturer:  Garfield 
MSRP:  $1680.00 

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Huntington Hydraulic Table 

Spa treatment tables with hydraulic lift and removable armrests. Table height is adjustable from 25”-31”.  Fully adjustable back and leg cushions.  Lays flat and is ideal for facials and other treatments.

  • Hydraulic pump allows for table height adjustments
  • Removable armrests
  • Adjustable back and leg cushions
  • Contoured cushions
  • Safety swivel lock bar
  • Assembly required
  • Cushion width 22”
  • 28"W x 70"L x 25-31"H
  • 1-Yr Limited Warranty

Available Colors

Beige Swatch Black Swatch
Item No:  3959 
Manufacturer:  Garfield 
MSRP:  $ 860.00 

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